Our Story

State48SunCare knows a lot about sunshine, with nearly 300 days annually in our home state of Arizona (in case you didn’t know who the 48th state in the union was!). We love being active and enjoy the outdoors, and we take sun care seriously.

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and our Momma Llama, a natural problem solver, identified a need for sun care that fit her most stringent criteria:

  • Gentle for every-day use
  • Quality, mineral-based ingredients
  • Works for every skin tone (no chalky palor)
  • Moisturizing without being greasy
  • Affordable
  • Smells delicious

That was the beginning of the quest that ultimately became State48 Sun Care.

Traditional mineral-based sunscreen is difficult to blend into ethnic skin or any skin for that matter. Unless you are going for the look of being on the losing end of a chalkboard eraser war or the ghostly white appearance of a cave-dweller… then you see the challenge!  But NO MORE!!

Our focus as State48SunCare is offering smart solutions for broad-spectrum sunscreen with natural, mineral-based, environmentally safe, quality ingredients at an affordable price that our customers, and their entire family, can use with confidence.

Our products undergo rigorous real-life testing on humans* and they’re gentle enough for even the little humans.

*and they still speak to us!